• Xsolo Series 可配置电源
  • Xsolo Series 可配置电源
  • Xsolo Series 可配置电源
  • Xsolo Series 可配置电源
  • Xsolo Series 可配置电源

Xsolo Series 可配置电源

500 and 1000 W Ultra Compact, High-Reliability Single Output Power Supplies

• 500 W and 1000 W
• 24, 36, or 48 V single outputs
• Dual safety approvals
• Convection-cooled 500 W
• Fan-cooled 1000 W (variable speed fan)
• PMBus™ for digital communications
• Greater than 92% ultra-high efficiency
• Ideal for acoustically sensitive laboratory and medical environments (Xsolo 500 W)
• Fan-cooled 1000 W
• Digital control 12 V/50 mA-bias-standby voltage provided
• 1U height

The efficient and reliable Excelsys Xsolo single-output power supplies provide up to 1008 W in a compact 1U package. The power supplies are available in two packages. The Xsolo 500 W is an open-frame, U-channel form factor and the Xsolo 1000 W is an enclosed, fan-cooled chassis.

Available with nominal 24, 36 and 48 V outputs, the Xsolo platform features a wide output voltage adjustment, variable-speed fan, 12 V/300 mA isolated-bias supply, and remote on/off capabilities. Options include OR-ing for N+1 redundancy and PMBus™ for digital communications.


  • Power Density:  Convection-cooled 504 W in an open-frame, U-channel form factor and up to 1008 W in an enclosed, fan-cooled chassis
  • Full Safety Agency Approvals: See Technical Specs for details
  • Intelligent Digital Power: Access maximum flexibility with analog and digital control